Thursday, December 15, 2011

You're a Mean One, Miss Megan!

The library decided to join our local parade this year and of course went with a book theme. We chose the Grinch who stole Christmas. With a lot creativity, a little money, and a great committee it turned out AWESOME!

The Grinch Crew

A Grinch Closeup
And with that, Mega Story Time will be taking a Christmas Break and will resume Story Time in January. Can't wait to show you what I have coming up!

Merry Grinchmas and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mister Owl Story Time

Let the owl puns begin! "Owl" jump right into this week's story time! "WHO" would believe i'd have so much fun! *Gigglesnort*

We started our storytime with WOW! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood. An adorable segue into our topic with a good 'hook' that the kids could enjoy as well as lots of colors.

Ten Little Owls

Next, we utilized some laminated owls I had to sing Ten Little Owls (sitting in a tree tonight). We really had to wiggle our fingers first to warm them up because it is chilly out this morning!

Our next story was Whooo's there? by Mary Serfozo. I would point out the animal on the page and ask the kiddos what it was before reading the paragraph. This was another good one with a repetitive phrase through out which made it rhyme-y.

Five Little Owls

For my "flannel board" story I printed the pictures found here. (Click to download the pdf and the printable that I used as well as the lyrics are on the last two page. However, there are some other great items that can be used in this packet.) and laminated them. I put velcro on the owls that coordinated with spots of velcro on the tree. I pulled each one off one by one as I read the story.
The owl pulled off so you can see the velcro

Finally, our last book has the BEST illustrations in my opinion, The Book of Sleep by Il Sung Na. We pointed out all the different animals and I asked if they could sleep like the animals in the book (One eye open, two eyes open, etc.)

He was a real 'hoot' to make!

Our craft for the day was an owl of their very own. It was a combination of several templates but mostly the one found here (Which will be added later since we have new computers and I can't find the link. :( ).


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Five Little Cookies Flannel/Magnetic Story

Five Little Cookies

(Place the family on the board in the line – Mom, Dad, Sister, and then Brother. I also chose to add the numbers and words beneath the cookies and the family members to give this a little something extra to talk about.)

Five little cookies with frosting galore,
Mother ate one and then there were four. (Move 1 cookie by mom)
Four little cookies, two and two you see,
Father ate one and then there were three. (Move one cookie by dad)
Three little cookies, but before I knew,
Sister ate one and then there were two. (Move one cookie by sister)
Two little cookies, yum, yum, yum,
Brother ate one and then there was one. (Move one cookie by brother)
One little cookie, here I come,
I ate it, now there are none! (Take last cookie off board and hold to chest)

As per usual I found the family members for this flannel board story using clipart on the web. The cookies however were created using Microsoft word. All items were printed and laminated with magnets on the back. I also typed up 1-5 and the words Mother, Father, Sister, & Brother in word in a colorful font in order to associate them with the pictures. I had the kiddos and parents help me count the cookies before the rhyme as well as after.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm Hungry! Let's Eat! Story Time

I had grander plans for this story time when I originally planned it in August. However, time got away from me and while I'm not completely satisfied with the end results, I think it turned out okay.

We started off with the story, Little Pea by Alison Krouse Rosenthal. This book is absolutely adorable! IT's about a little pea and his family who eat candy. Little Pea HATES candy and can't wait to get to dessert, a big bowl of spinach!

Next we read Chew, Chew, Gulp! by Lauren Thompson. This one is very short and sweet and so I tried to stop occassionally and point out different things within the illustrations as well as to chime in that burping without saying excuse me isn't very polite.

Five Little Cookies

We finished up with a Five Little Cookies magnetic story.

Fix A Plate Craft

Our craft involved them picking and choosing which pieces of food and/or drink they wanted to put on their lunchtray/plate. I printed the items from here for the food (as seen on the last two pages of the pdf) and here for the place mat and adjusted them to my needs.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Be a 'deer and check out my Christmas bulletin window!

It's Christmas time at the library and I've once again been inspired by Pinterest. More specifically this pin. Here is my version with a description of what I did below.

I cut out the reindeers using a template of my own. I made the signs in publisher using a wood grain pattern for the background to give it that wooden plaque look. We don't have butcher paper here but we do have a ton of cardstock and poster boards. I put two white poster boards together and then glued red card stock on top to give a barn door effect. The green paper is wrapping paper I got on clearance fgrom Target a couple years back. I love it because it just has squiggly designs on it and I can use it year round! I printed out pictures of different reindeer themed books we have available and posted those randomly on the board. I am quite pleased with how it turned out and am so glad I found a great inspiration piece!

Halloween Bulletin Window

My sanctioned area to decorate in the library as the newbie is the children's workroom window. I had a lot of fun putting up my first display and was definitely ready for more creativity.

I had previously purchased the monsters peeking through the window from target with other halloween items that were on clearance. They were too big for my windows at home but perfect for the library! With a little bit of scary green garland and some cut out letters stating "Scare up a good BOOK!" I wasin business. I cut out some pumpkins for the bottom to display different halloween books we had available and added some bats from a discarded bulletin border to add a little something extra. I bet the monsters peeking could be replicated using butcher paper and poster board if you aren't able to find something close to these.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Old MacDonald had a farm...


Today we are talking about farm animals!

We started off with our bigger book Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown. This is wonderful story about the animals on the farm when the children are away.

Next up was our flannel board story, Old MacDonald Had a Farm. I've seen alot of incarnations of the cardboard barn to hide the animals in before you bust them out but this is my version!
We ended our storytime with the short, Barnyard Banter by Denise Fleming. This involves lots of animal noises and a missing duck!

Create A Farm Story Time Craft

Our craft today is Create a Farm. I printed out clipart barns, cows, ducks, pigs, etc and cut them out. I glued a half a sheet of blue paper to green cardstock to give the effect of the sky and a hilly farm scene. The kids can glue them on. This allows the parents the chance to discusss each animal, what sound they make, and why they put them where they did.

My favorite part of the whole story time was when the mom asked the little girl "What do pigs give us?" and she replied, "BACON!" I gigglesnorted for a good while on that one!

Old MacDonald Flannel

For my recent Farm Animals unit I really wanted to do Old MacDonald Had a Farm. It's a classic and easy for the parents to assist me with. Plus, the kiddos really love making animal noises!

For my version I made it into a flannel board using clipart from the web. You can pick any animal you want to include for this which makes it very versatile. I added a little something interesting though. I painted a cardboard magazine holder (which we have TONS of) red and white like a barn. I housed the animals in there and before each new verse I made a big show of pulling out a new mystery animal.

The Barn (And the Sneaky Giraffe!)

The Animals

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Combined Story Time

For our holiday story times we combine all three of our groups together to make things a little easier. This included our Lapsit (Birth - 18 months), Toddler (18 - 36 months), and Preschool (3-6 yr. old) groups. We had an amazing turnout with some super awesome costumes.

Mrs. Alicia started off the festivities by introducing special guest Mrs. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus ( Pssst... It was ME!) to read the story for the day, Pumpkin Trouble by Jan Thomas.

Next Mrs. Alicia did Five Little Pumpkins sitting on a gate with the assistance of her mitten and five pumpkins.

Finally, Fancy Nancy (Mrs. Jillian) joined the story time to help us sing some pumpkin tunes.

This was followed by snacks, sparkle juice, and crafts. Mrs. Alicia had bags they could make to pick up their loot when they went on the parade later. Mrs. Jillian had black paper plate wreaths that they glued ghosts and pumpkins on and I had Paper Plate Ghost crafts.

For the finale we took a parade up and down both floors and stopped by each desk to get a special treat and see all the other staffers all dressed up. Everyone was wonderful and did a great job helping out!

And for a special treat here is a picture of the Garden Variety Mrs. Frizzle and Fancy Nancy:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ahoy Mateys: It's a Pirate! Story Time

Ahoy, Ahoy! We be having a fantastic time at story time today! Yo ho ho and a sippy cup of milk as I always say!

As you can tell, our story time featured pirates today. I have been anxiously awaiting this one since I decided on it in August.

Yeah, I made that sweet pirate bunting.  Also you can see the awesome pirate hat we made for our craft today!

First story of the day is Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC by June Sobel where the captain decides "R" is not enough.

Then we sang If you're a pirate and you know it. I made sure to write this out on a giant yellow pad to help the parents with the lyrics. Although the tune is familiar, I find the parents are more likely to join in if they have a visual aid.

If you’re a Pirate and You Know It

If you’re a pirate and you know it, swab the deck,
(Swish, swish)
If you’re a pirate and you know it, swab the deck,
(Swish, swish)
If you’re a pirate and you know it, then you’ll hear the sea winds blowin,
If you’re a pirate and you know it, swab the deck,
(Swish, swish)
Verses two and three:
If you’re a pirate and you know it, walk the plank
(Stomp, stomp)
If you’re a pirate and you know it, say ahoy.
You can see the yellow pad I used in this photo.

Second story up is Bubble Bath Pirates by Jarrett Krosoczka.

For our flannel board story today we had Five Pirates on A Treasure Chest.

Probably my favorite part about the entire story time was getting to see the toddler's in their own pirate hats! I found the pattern here. From there I cut out all the shapes and did an outline of yarn on them to give them a pirate feel. I cut up strips of poster board for the band. All the kiddos have to do is glue on their teddy bear crossbones and then the caregivers and Miss Megan can staple the band and construction paper hat together. I rocked my own version for the story time.

Five Pirates on a Treasure Chest flannel board story

Avast ye land lubbers! It be a flannel board story about pirates and their treasure! Haha. That never gets old. Any who, here is a rhyme I used in my Ahoy Mateys: It's a Pirate! story time. I found the original rhyme here. However I changed it up just a little bit to suit my age group.

5 Pirates on a Treasure Chest
        Five pirates on a treasure chest
        One jumped off and four are left.

        Four pirates on a treasure chest
        One slid off and three are left.

        Three pirates on a treasure chest
        One tumbled down and two are left.

        Two pirates on a treasure chest
        One blew away and one is left.

        One pirate on a treasure chest.
        She climbed down and now 
        there are none.

        No pirates on a treasure chest!
        Yo ho ho and now it's all MINE!
I found a sticker book (pictured below) at Michael's that featured pirates and only cost  $1! Hot dog! It worked perfect. I stuck the stickers on card stock and printed out a treasure chest clip art from the internet and laminated the set. I placed magnets on the back only because we are currently out of velcro. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Five Little Pumpkins

For my pumpkin story time this week I made this version of Five Little Pumpkins.  I like it because it's different from others I have heard  and I could really animate the pumpkins as they moved around the flannel board.

Here is the Rhyme:
Five little pumpkins bouncing by the door, (Place each pumpkin by the door)
One rolled away (remove one), and now there are four.
Four little pumpkins sitting in the tree, ( Place each one on the tree)
One jumped down, and now there are three. (Remove one.)
Three little pumpkins playing 'Peek-a-boo', (Place each on board between door and tree)
One ran away, and now there are two. (Remove one.)
Two little pumpkins sitting in the sun, (Place the sun up above the pumpkins)
One went home, and now there is one. (Remove one.)
One little pumpkin, feeling kind of shy, blows you a kiss, and waves, 'good-bye'. (Remove last pumpkin.)

When it says rolled, jumped, etc. I made the pumpkin do the action. When the pumpkin played peek a boo so did I. We did it a couple times and that resulted in the kiddos collapsing into fits of giggles.

The tree is the same template I borrowed when I made the Autumn - Blue is the Sky flannel story.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's a Cat in the Hat Pumpkin!

My library is holding their second annual staff pumpkin decorating contest. All the patrons get to see them on display and vote for their favorites. The winner is announced during our big combined Halloween story time.

Since this is my first year I have my fingers crossed that i'll knock out the competition. For my entry I made the Cat in the Hat with Thing 1 and Thing 2. The cat is a real pumpkin and the things are fake ones just because they were the right size. I used felt, acrylic paint, and a boa from the dollar store. The whole thing was free handed.

Enough yapping, here are the pictures!

Ignore the mess and the almost empty bottle of Dr. Pepper. A girl gets thirsty when she is crafting it up!

Before the hat.
I hope you enjoy my pumpkin! If anyone has any questions about how I did any part of this just let me know!

On Display:

P is for Pumpkin!

Yesterday was quite hectic so I'm posting a little late. Better late than never!

Our theme this week was Pumpkins! I set up plastic pumpkin trick or treat buckets around the room and put some pumpkin window clings on the window. The kids had fun pointing them out!

The first story of the day was The Pumpkin Fair by Eve Bunting. This book has a great flow to it!

Our song for the day was Ten Little Pumpkins to the tune of Ten Little Indians. Parents love it because they know the tune and they can follow along. Kids love to count on their fingers and can easily learn the tune if they haven't heard it before. Plus it can be adapted to almost ANY theme! Love it!

The second story was Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell. This one is short and sweet. The kids liked pointing out the apples in pumpkins in all the pictures.

The flannel board for the day was called Five Little Pumpkins. I'll be posting the rhyme I did since it is different than a lot of the versions I have previously heard. The kids really seemed to enjoy this one but once again I'll explain more in the flannel board story post.

Our craft was easy but turned out so cute. I printed an outline of a pumpkin I found online  Here is a picture of the finished product. I cut different sizes of tissue paper instead of using pumpkin seeds( for the kids I made some that were a lot bigger than mine. This allowed for easier application for the little ones and the caregivers could talk to the child about the difference between the sizes.) and they applied them where they had put  a little bit of glue from the glue stick.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Inspired by Flannel Friday - Autumn - Blue is the Sky

October is here and that means  (hopefully) cool air, leaves changing colors, and fall has begun in Texas time.
For my Leaves story time I decided to go with Autumn - Blue is the sky which I saw on Mel's Desk. It is short and sweet but helps illustrate some of the key parts of fall and the colors that are associated with it.

As you can see from the above picture I used all felt except some shiny silver wrapping paper I glued onto the stars. I did my old standby of searching for clipart that matched the elements of the rhyme. There is a pateern on the link to the original for the tree which I save and have used for a couple other upcoming flnnel stories that involve trees just because I love this shape so much.


Sorry to shout out the title there but I'm just so EXCITED about our last crafter-day saturday craft project. I had every intention of making monster feet using rectangle tissue boxes but sadly I didn't get enough donated in time.

So I had to think on my feet. What would the kids like to do using supplies we already had donated? Hmm We have a TON of empty coffee cans. I opted for the small ones. After stripping off their respective labels I gave them two coats of washable paint (mostly just because it's what I ahd laying around and let's face it. I'm a messy crafter, heck, a messy everything.) I gave the kids scraps of paper, pom poms, pipe cleaners, Easter grass, and other odds and ends to just have at it.

I put out two example kids I did myself as well as fliers telling them how to do a couple different techniques. I love my shaggy blue and orange monster!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Baby Bear

Today our story time theme was BEARS! Even though it was an extra small crowd today we still had alot of fun!

Let's jump right into our first book: The Bear Hug by Sean Callahan. I absolutley love this book about a little cub and his grandpa doing bear activities including the family tradition of bear hugs.

Next up was Thank You Bear by Greg Foley. This one is short and sweet. I think it sends a good message about not listening to the naysayers out there.

Image Detail
We then did Ten little teddy bears. I found some clipart I thought was cute and laminated it. I put magnets on the back so it would stick the chalk board. As we sang the song I placed the bears under the appropriate number I had drawn in chalk on the board. The second time through the song I had some helpers help me put them up.

Ten Little Teddy Bears
One Little, Two Little, Three Little Teddy Bears
Four Little, Five Little, Six Little Teddy bears
Seven Little, Eight Little, Nine Little Teddy Bears
Ten Little Teddy Bears at story time today!

We HAD to read the classic Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr. You can really get the kids involved by having them tell you what sounds the animal makes or by having them help you point out all the animals at the end.

Our craft ties in with my stick puppets I used for a little rhyme I made up:
Five Little Bears
5 little bears playing outdoors, one ran away and then there were 4.
4 little bears running from a bee, one got stung and then there were 3.
3 little bears wondering what to do, one went to the river and then there were 2.
2 little bears having some fun, one got tired and then there was 1.
1 little bear and no more sun, went home to his mama and then there were none!

I gave each bear a different color shirt and glued the lines to the back of the bears. EASY PEASY! The kids were getting antsy at this point so we moved along to the fun part, THE CRAFT!

The craft is called
Build a Bear Puppet. I preglued the sticks to save time and make it so much easier on the parents. One of the parents pointed out the possibility for so many other animals using those sticks.

Now I Know My ABC's!

Today we read about the alphabet!

First story up was the classic, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! By Bill Martin Jr. Always a hit! I even saw one of the little ones wiggle waggling when the letter did!

We had a good crowd this morning so we launched right into the next book Click Clack Quackety Quack By Doreen Cronin. Since this once is short I tried to point different items on the page or add a funny sound here and there.

Next we sang the Alphabet song while I pointed out the ABCs on the boarxd. I just typed them up in publisher and made a poster. Although, I do have to admit I felt silly that I didn't notice until AFTER story time started that I had forgot the K. Boy, was my face red but noone seemed to notice thank goodness. Next time I will definitely have someone ELSE proofread!

Final story of the day was Old Black Fly by Jim Aylesworth. For some reason I was worried this one wouldn't go over well but the toddlers were entranced by this one. Everytime I would tell say the "Shoo fly! Shoo fly! Shooo!" part one little girl would say it too and had the whole group cracking up!

We did one last song for the day:

A B C Tumble down D
Cat's in the cupboard
And can't see me
(play peek-a-boo)
A B C Tumble down D
Cat's in the cupboard
And can't see me
(play peek-a-boo)

I said the rhyme once while demonstrating and then had everyone do it with me.

Today's craft was found on The Crafting Chicks Blog: Mini "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" Trees
If you scroll down to the bottom of the post you will see the instructions. The only difference on my version was that I stapled the paper on beforehand and it doesn't mention it out right but you need to cut a slit on the leaves so they can slide onto the tube. I found foam letters in the dollar store!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's a ZOO in here!

Today's story time theme was It's a ZOO in here! The zoo is such an easy theme to talk to toddlers about because alot of them have been so they get the concept. They can point out animals they've seen before and talk about what noises they make.

Our first story was Two at the Zoo by Danna Smith. This is such a cute book about a trip to the zoo focusing on a boy and his grandpa. You can add lots of extras to this book by having them help you count the animals, telling you what noises they make or doing the movements the animals make. The kids liked this one, too!

Next up was the flannel board story I shared here a while back, Dear Zoo, based on the book by the same name. I left the pieces up on the board and the kiddos came up after they finished their crafts and we talked about the animals. Which was their favorite? Which would they like to keep at their house? What sounds do they make? Etc.

Our Second and Final Story was From Head to Toe by Eric Carle. This was the best out of all three in my opinion today. When I read what the animal could do, I would try it myself and ask if the kids could do it too.

The craft for today was a semi-collage giraffe. I just drew out a shape that i wanted for the head, ears, and neck and made a template. I made these eyes using circles I created in word and used black hole punched circles for the spots. I could have just added a black circle in word but i'm a glutton for punishment or as I like to tell everyone at work, "It's for the CHILDREN!" I just cut random size squares of brown construction for the mane and gave them crayons to add the giraffes spots.

Eventually I will try get a template on here for the giraffe if anyone would like one.

Until next week!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Puppies & Dogs

I'm bacckkkkk!

After a much needed month long break i'm back int he swing of toddler storytime! Today are theme was puppies and dogs.  I'm trying to start out this semester with an opener so the kiddos know when it's time to settle down and get ready for the stories. I use the classic Open them, Shut them.

Today, we were able to read three stories and do a flannel board since they were so receptive.

First book up to the plate was Dog's Colorful Day by Emma Dodd. They liked this one and I tried to pause before saying which spot number we were on so they could shout it out.

Second, was Bark, George by Jules Feiffer. This one is hysterical and let me play it up using alot of exaggeration when it came to the noises george would make and how far the doctor had to reach for the animals.

We did the Doggy, Doggy Where's your Bone? flannel board inspired by 1234morestorytimes. After the second time through, they got comfortable saying which animal we should pick next. They would giggle when they found out who had the bone!

Last story was Waggle! by Sarah McMenemy. Another cute one. All though this one is a little longer we went ahead and read it any way because we had more than enough time and the kids were digging it.

Our craft this week was a puppy puppet made using an envelope. When the kids would should me their puppet we'd see what noise he would make much like George did in the book.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dear Zoo Flannel - Inspired by

I'm very pleased to present my very first flannel board! One of the themes I chose for the upcoming year is Zoo and everywhere I look I see praise for Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell.

I found a printable here to use as a guideline for my pieces. I'm very excited to bring this one out and see how it goes! Until then here are some closeups of my favorites!

This one was inspired by Nikarella. You can see the original here.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Going Buggy!

Well my second story time ( and my last until September) centered around BUGS!

Our first book for this session was Beetle Bop by Denise Fleming. The reception was luke warm on this one and I was disappointed since i'd heard such good things.

For my story board, I did the rhyme Colorful Butterflies.  I put some magnet tape on the back after finding a butterfly clipart I liked afterI colored and  laminated them. I was sitting on the floor close to the chalkboard which made it easy for me to flick my wrist and have butterflies look like they were flying out of my hand onto the board! Sounds nerdy but I enjoyed it and so did the kids. 

Colorful Butterflies

The first to come to the garden bed
Is a lovely butterfly of brilliant RED
Then in comes another and that makes two
Fly right in my friend of BLUE
“The garden is fine, the best I’ve seen”
Says the butterfly of softest GREEN
Our garden needs a sunny fellow
Fly in butterfly with wings of YELLOW
Little friend of PURPLE, fly in too
The garden is waiting for a color like you
ORANGE, orange you’ve waited so long
Fly right in where you belong
Butterflies, butterflies, you’re such a sight
Flying together – what a delight!

Next we read I Love Bugs! by Emma Dodd. The kids (mostly thew little girls) screamed when we saw the spider page so we scared him away by turning the page.  

The last book was Jump! By Scott Fischer. It was an absolute HIT! The giggled and rolled and got into by helping shout out "jumped" at the appropriate parts. 

For our craft we did Ants on a Hill. I had the kids draw the legs and antennas as well as a treat to carry into the queen. Some things the kids drew include a chocolate cookie, a strawberry and of course a slice of watermelon.

I loved this activity because when some of the kids weren't focusing and getting kind of fussy, I got down on the ground and colored along side them!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bulletin Board Numero Uno

I admit it. I'm ADDICTED to pinterest. It's where I found the idea for my first bulletin board (Technically, two windows but hey i'll take what I get!). I made a few slight changes such as the birds are cutout of index pages from atlas that was to be thrown out, the flying bird has a banner hanging from his mouth that says "Fly away with a good book!", and I used wrapping paper from the dollar store as the sky.

The original creation can be seen here.

Here is a close up of the birds I captured with my phone:

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun in the woods!

My first official story time was nerve racking and exciting all rolled into one! I started towards the end of summer reading so the themes were already picked out all I had to do was fill in the rest.

Since toddler story time is an in between point from lapsit to preschool story time, i'm trying to encourage parents and children to sit on the floor. In order to get the parents to feel comfortable sitting on the floor I am trying it out myself! I made a fake campfire out of cardboard tubes and tissue paper to make a focal point to sit around. The kids loved it and several of them knew that fires mean "hot!" (With several of them blowing on it to cool it down... adorable and smart.)

Once everyone joined me we started off by shaking out our sillies! Some kids were hesitant but with repitition several were willing to join in the next go 'round.

Next we jumped right into our first book, Just Me and My Dad by Mercer Mayer. The reception was okay for this book but it has lots of hidden things you can point out to the kids which they did seem to enjoy.

After that we used the pretend campfire to further our lesson in a version of the Campfire Hokey Pokey.

Campfire Hokey Pokey
You put your marshmallow in,
You take your marshmallow out,
You put your marshmallow in and you shake it all about,
You do the campfire pokey,
and you turn yourself about,
And that's what it's all about!

After the first time I asked if there was anything else that we could roast over the fire. Some suggestions were hot dogs, and s'mores.

Our next story was Maisy Goes Camping by Lucy Cousins. The kids loved when the campers POPPED out of their tent!

Finally it was time for our craft:

Cutout campfires
3 Paper cutouts of red, orange, and yellow flames
2 Popsicle Sticks painted to look like wood (Not necessary but I was overly excited!)
1 Blank Cardstock
2 Cotton Balls
Glue (Glue sticks don't work as well with this as the sticks don't stick well)

1. Arrange the cutouts to look like fire.
2. Criss cross sticks on page to look like logs.
3. Add cotton balls to look like marshmallows roasting around the campfire.
4. Allow the kids to add other camping supplies/ people around the fire by drawing them using crayons.

Some other suggestions for stories with this theme include:

Monk Camps Out by Emily Arnold McCully

A Campin Spree With Mr. Magee by Chris Van Dusen

I hope y'all enjoyed my first story time!