Monday, August 8, 2011

Going Buggy!

Well my second story time ( and my last until September) centered around BUGS!

Our first book for this session was Beetle Bop by Denise Fleming. The reception was luke warm on this one and I was disappointed since i'd heard such good things.

For my story board, I did the rhyme Colorful Butterflies.  I put some magnet tape on the back after finding a butterfly clipart I liked afterI colored and  laminated them. I was sitting on the floor close to the chalkboard which made it easy for me to flick my wrist and have butterflies look like they were flying out of my hand onto the board! Sounds nerdy but I enjoyed it and so did the kids. 

Colorful Butterflies

The first to come to the garden bed
Is a lovely butterfly of brilliant RED
Then in comes another and that makes two
Fly right in my friend of BLUE
“The garden is fine, the best I’ve seen”
Says the butterfly of softest GREEN
Our garden needs a sunny fellow
Fly in butterfly with wings of YELLOW
Little friend of PURPLE, fly in too
The garden is waiting for a color like you
ORANGE, orange you’ve waited so long
Fly right in where you belong
Butterflies, butterflies, you’re such a sight
Flying together – what a delight!

Next we read I Love Bugs! by Emma Dodd. The kids (mostly thew little girls) screamed when we saw the spider page so we scared him away by turning the page.  

The last book was Jump! By Scott Fischer. It was an absolute HIT! The giggled and rolled and got into by helping shout out "jumped" at the appropriate parts. 

For our craft we did Ants on a Hill. I had the kids draw the legs and antennas as well as a treat to carry into the queen. Some things the kids drew include a chocolate cookie, a strawberry and of course a slice of watermelon.

I loved this activity because when some of the kids weren't focusing and getting kind of fussy, I got down on the ground and colored along side them!

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