Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Five Little Cookies Flannel/Magnetic Story

Five Little Cookies

(Place the family on the board in the line – Mom, Dad, Sister, and then Brother. I also chose to add the numbers and words beneath the cookies and the family members to give this a little something extra to talk about.)

Five little cookies with frosting galore,
Mother ate one and then there were four. (Move 1 cookie by mom)
Four little cookies, two and two you see,
Father ate one and then there were three. (Move one cookie by dad)
Three little cookies, but before I knew,
Sister ate one and then there were two. (Move one cookie by sister)
Two little cookies, yum, yum, yum,
Brother ate one and then there was one. (Move one cookie by brother)
One little cookie, here I come,
I ate it, now there are none! (Take last cookie off board and hold to chest)

As per usual I found the family members for this flannel board story using clipart on the web. The cookies however were created using Microsoft word. All items were printed and laminated with magnets on the back. I also typed up 1-5 and the words Mother, Father, Sister, & Brother in word in a colorful font in order to associate them with the pictures. I had the kiddos and parents help me count the cookies before the rhyme as well as after.

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