Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm Hungry! Let's Eat! Story Time

I had grander plans for this story time when I originally planned it in August. However, time got away from me and while I'm not completely satisfied with the end results, I think it turned out okay.

We started off with the story, Little Pea by Alison Krouse Rosenthal. This book is absolutely adorable! IT's about a little pea and his family who eat candy. Little Pea HATES candy and can't wait to get to dessert, a big bowl of spinach!

Next we read Chew, Chew, Gulp! by Lauren Thompson. This one is very short and sweet and so I tried to stop occassionally and point out different things within the illustrations as well as to chime in that burping without saying excuse me isn't very polite.

Five Little Cookies

We finished up with a Five Little Cookies magnetic story.

Fix A Plate Craft

Our craft involved them picking and choosing which pieces of food and/or drink they wanted to put on their lunchtray/plate. I printed the items from here for the food (as seen on the last two pages of the pdf) and here for the place mat and adjusted them to my needs.

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