Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Five Pirates on a Treasure Chest flannel board story

Avast ye land lubbers! It be a flannel board story about pirates and their treasure! Haha. That never gets old. Any who, here is a rhyme I used in my Ahoy Mateys: It's a Pirate! story time. I found the original rhyme here. However I changed it up just a little bit to suit my age group.

5 Pirates on a Treasure Chest
        Five pirates on a treasure chest
        One jumped off and four are left.

        Four pirates on a treasure chest
        One slid off and three are left.

        Three pirates on a treasure chest
        One tumbled down and two are left.

        Two pirates on a treasure chest
        One blew away and one is left.

        One pirate on a treasure chest.
        She climbed down and now 
        there are none.

        No pirates on a treasure chest!
        Yo ho ho and now it's all MINE!
I found a sticker book (pictured below) at Michael's that featured pirates and only cost  $1! Hot dog! It worked perfect. I stuck the stickers on card stock and printed out a treasure chest clip art from the internet and laminated the set. I placed magnets on the back only because we are currently out of velcro. 


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